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Hip Hop.005

Urban Fusion

Maybe it’s the Detroit girl in me, or maybe it’s the love of hip hop & electro. But even as I get older, my wardrobe still has…

SensesOfStyle-Memorial Day

Memorial Weekend Musts

The long weekend has arrived!  Here’s Senses Of Style’s essentials for having fun, doing good service, and a little self indulgence. FOLLOW YOUR NOSE to the…



One of the best calming, yet uplifting colors is the world of blues.  It’s a shame that Blues music is typically known for being so melancholic, because…

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Senses Of Style

We have some exciting news- beautyindustry.us is transitioning into SensesOfStyle.com as we speak (or type, if you would)!  You may have already noticed the headings have…

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.42.14 PM

Kick the Cowlick

Contrary to what we’ve heard, there are easy ways to take charge over your cowlicks, or simply work with them- no matter where they are in your…


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