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Atelier 22

ate·lier • \ˌa-təl-ˈyā\ • noun
French word for “workshop”.  A studio primarily of an artist, or designer in the fine or decorative arts. 

It started with a vision of opening an atelier for hair…  Inspired by idea of a workshop that’s a business as well as a creative space.  My father, a graphic designer and maternal grandfather, a painter (and ironically both barbers) each had their own studios where they did business & had creative workshop space.   My aunt who is also a hairdresser, my very first mentor, who still to this day after over 40 years behind the chair, has also has been a huge inspiration. Recently I asked her why she loves being a hairdresser: “I still love doing hair as much as the first time I did hair! I love creating with my hands and creating beauty for people. And I love people! I’m a people person, it makes me happy engaging with my customers.”

The second inspiration comes from fashion houses: where designers holds fittings for their clients, their design workshop, interviews, and other business related events at the houses’ atelier.  The personal service offers visiting guests a customized experience.

Putting together ideas, its become a space where clients can come and enjoy the privacy of having their hair treated, and transformed to reflect their own artistic expression.  Equally as important, I aspire to have a space for hairdressers and other creative individuals to learn, create, and be inspired.

Thank you for all the love and support!

Nina x

Atelier ND is located:
Utopia Underground Studio
170 East Main Street
Northville, MI 48167

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