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Another reason to press SNOOZE…

To press or not to press SNOOZE…
….OK just once more.

For all the Sleeping Beauties!  It’s that time of year when waking up during the week is a little more difficult then summer months.  Even for me, which I pride myself on being a rooster in the morning, I’ve catch myself in bed thinking “Hmm… bold lip + less eyes = 10 extra minutes”, “All black fuss free…thank you American Apparel”.

Then there’s the hair… to wash hair or not to wash hair?  Day 3…or is it 4? Yep..it’s going up.. So here’s a few quick that are super easy and can be used on any bed headtexture- in fact the crazier the bed head, the better the finish.

(for each look)

Load hair up with Kérastase VIP: Volume In Powder to absorb oil and increase texture. ·     Brush through hair with The Wet Brush to distribute VIP without ripping your hair out!


·Finger rake hair back as if you were to make a ponytail in the back of your head.
·Twist lengths upward until you feel a roll in the back.
·Fold in the remaining lengths into the side of the roll and tuck into the twist.
·Get Secure with large hairpin (or several bobby pins along the seam).
·Loosen up a few pieces at the top & sides.  Voila!


side undo chignon·Rake hair to lower back corner with a parting on opposite side.
·Swirl the length tightly into a bun shape.
·Secure with large hairpin (or several bobby pin) working through the center and outward.
·Loosen up a few pieces at the sides. Done!


IMG_1827·Rake hair to the top of your head as if you were doing a top knot
·Lift up hair 2-3 inches from the head in your hands.
·Hold a middle strand from the ponytail.
·Slide downward with ponytail to blouse the hair into shape.
·Create a bun with tension then pin into place with large hairpin. All set!

(for all 3 looks)

 Spray with Kérastase Lacque Dentelle over the shapes so the hair will loosely live in place and easy to reconstruct mid day if needed.

**Pin featured in photos is available at www.odilegilbertcreations.com   

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