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Autumn / Winter ’15


A Bohemian is simply an artist or “littérateur” who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art. (Westminster Review,1862 )


(ND, April 14, 2015)
Peasant skirts, festivals, meadows, matted hair, leather fringe… is that all we think of today’s Bohemian Femme?   How did that term start? Where and when did the Bohemian lifestyle originate?  What were they known for? And most importantly, how have they inspired us today?  Bohemianism, or Vie de Bohème, began in France early 19th century.  They were artists, creators, and free spirits that lived in lower class(and usually willingly), gypsy neighborhoods.

They were named “Bohemians” because they were believed to be from Bohemia.  Soon there after, London’s Covent Garden would be another high concentrated area of Bohemians.  Just before World War the Belle Epoque (Beautiful Era, 1871-1914), was when Bohemian artists most flourished.

This project started as a hair collection for Atelier ND, but then transformed itself into a lifestyle story. These portraits pay homage to the essence of the original bohemian woman, of her at hard work, her place in society, emotion, and survival.  And how she has influenced the modern Bohemian today.  We partnered up with make up artist, Robbin Kujus, as she shares modern applications for the contemporary, bohemian woman.

Similar to today, bohemian is a lifestyle with little permanencies, usually involved in music, theatre, literature or other artistic pursuits.

With that said….Vive la Bohème, the Original Bohemians!

Atelier ND Collection

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café culture
observes interaction
questions love

magazine contributor
published blogger
aspires to be a playwright

Robbin, “The eyes: Using monochromatic, matte shades can create bold, sophisticated smokey eye with unexpected drama. Use a burnt sienna shade on the inner socket of lid and around the lower lash line. Place a pop of peach on center of lid. Use pencil concealer in the waterline, then smudge deep chocolate brown across the lash line.”

Atelier ND Collection

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magnificent vocal projection
socializes in character


lives in the city
constant castings
studies the psychology of roles

Robbin, “A timeless look with a bold matte red lip! Cover eye lids with a pale bisque shade, then a quick sweep of camel in the crease. Skip the eyeliner and grab your favorite mascara. Finish with a timeless, matte red lip.”

Atelier ND Collection

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her wages go to the family
muse to a painter
dances to preserve innocence

travels for competitions
endless fouettés
self disciplined & tutored

Robbin,  “Sweet and innocent that brings lots of color to the face. A simple, yet polished look for fall.  A matte, rose blush on the cheeks, then curl lashes, add plenty mascara. Use a berry tone lip pencil to create your own lip stain. Fill lips with small dashes and blend together using lip balm, then blot”

Atelier ND Collection

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transcends emotion into sound
streets performs to make ends meet
the only woman in the orchestra


first chair
lives out of a suitcase
branding a signature sound

Robbin, “Create this sultry, siren look with a both dark eye, dark lip, and a nude blush. Use a taupe/grey all over lid up to brow bone, then around the lower lash line. Fill in waterline with a nude concealer pencil. Detail with a dark charcoal for the outer edges of eyes.  Finish with dark, wine colored lipstick.

Atelier ND Collection

Creative Direction & Hair: Nina Dimachki
Photography & Editing: David “Stock” Baird
Make Up Artist: Robbin Kujus
Assistant: Lindsey Rowe

Special thanks to Bayda Gold, Audrey Wilson, Amelia Sons, Meg Smith, and Lindsey Rowe, and Kalyn Schwitzer.

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