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Pump Up Your Pony

Here’s a feature from www.makeup.com, by Jessica Nagy on couple different spins on PONYTAILS! Enjoy!

Oh, ponytail: the beloved style that’s tried, true, and always there for you when you’re greasy, lazy or only have 20 seconds to style your hair. We’ve been wearing ponytails for as long as we can remember, so it’s only about time this classic ‘do gets an adult update. Here are three of our favorite twists on the look, to help you take your ponytail to the next level.

The Textured Side Ponytail

messy ponytail

This pretty pony, created by Kérastase TECH Artistic Director Nina Dimachki, is a romantic take on the trusted look. We caught up with Dimachki for all the details on how to recreate the style at home.
Get the Look:
1) Begin with clean, dry hair. Prime with Kérastase Ciment Thérmique, mid lengths to ends, to protect from heat styling. Follow with a generous amount of Kérastase Spray A Porter or other beach spray to get that texturized effect.
2) Curl the hair with a 1” iron in small sections and then apply another light layer of Kérastase Spray A Porter and rake through curls with fingers.
3) Create a “not so perfect” side ponytail by gathering hair loosely at the opposite side of your part at the nape area near the hairline. Allow soft pieces to fall out naturally.
4) Make a braid using a small ribbon of hair from the ponytail. Wrap the braid around the ponytail several times creating a “braid cuff” and secure with a bobby pin.
5) Use your fingers to tussle the ends of your ponytail and enhance the texture. Finish with hairspray.
Complete the Look: To accompany your romantic style, Dimachki suggests “a peachy cheek with a rosy lip stain.”

The Voluminous Ponytail

smooth volume ponytail hair style
Give your pony some polished, retro appeal with this high-volume style. Here’s how to recreate it, courtesy of Kérastase TECH Artistic Director Nina Dimachki.
Get the Look: 
1) Begin with clean, dry hair and apply a dollop of volumizing mousse from roots to ends. Tussle dry hair until product is completely dry.
2) Set the hair with a jumbo curling iron (1¼”) or jumbo hot rollers. Once the curls have cooled completely, brush thoroughly. Back comb/tease at the root area on the top, crown and top of the sides to create a cushion effect for the ponytail.
3) Gather hair at the back of the head. Gently brush while making sure to keep the back combing/teasing in tact. To smooth flyaway hairs, spray a bit of hairspray onto the brush before brushing. Secure with an elastic.
4)  Use a small ribbon of hair to wrap around ponytail and conceal the elastic. Secure the ends with a bobby pin. For additional fullness at the lengths of ponytail, back comb/tease inside the ponytail at the top (toward the tail wrap) and gently smooth over with brush.
Complete the Look: While the volume of this ponytail keeps the look “feminine and approachable,” Dimachki suggests “crisp makeup,” like “a bold red lip” or “striking eyeliner” to complement this style.
Photos: Courtesy of Kérastase Paris

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