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VIRTUE: Patience

Patience. The virtue and ability to wait for what is desired.  It is to persevere when things are delayed.  Patience is the level of endurance & a trait of being steadfast. Patience is always honest, and is a lifelong relationship with yourself.

This past year, I’ve promised myself to remain inspired…inspired by anything.  It could be a color, could be a piece of art, could be a person, could be anything.  For about 3 months now, I’ve been vigorously searching for inspiration-researching the web, visiting book stores, meaningful discussions with friends & family.  Then just last week, I was forced to relax by my doctor.  Minimal physical activity for a week.  That’s when PATIENCE, one of the greatest virtues, was in a way forced upon me.  Then it hit me…my personal motto to myself has always been “have grace & stamina”. Grace is faith and assistance from the Devine, and stamina to have the strength to withstand fatigue or hardship.  I’ve been telling myself to be patient all along and hadn’t realized it.

So I ask myself again, what is patience?

-Patience is staying out of the SUN for a month, for the month of August after getting basal stem skin cancer removed.
-Patience is finding a vineyard on a road trip, then discovering a beautiful WATERFALL that is not on the map.
-Patience is seeing the FRUITS of labor from your dad nurturing his rose garden & fig tree all summer long grow to perfection.
-Patience is watching your fiancé combine his love of music artistry & study of social media manifest into an app.
-Patience is growing your hair out for 2 years, without coloring, to DONATE to a little girl’s wig while she is battling cancer.
-Patience is the continual study & practice at doing what you love to do and discovering ARTIST you’ve become.

Patience will always be there.  Even when we doing feel it, it’s everywhere.  It’s in everything.  It’s always on your side.

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