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It all starts with a healthy scalp…

“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.”
 -Jim Morrison

(ND, September 30, 2013)
There are moments in our lives when our hair is healthier, thicker, and more lustrous than those times when it’s dull, finer, and limp.  One of the biggest concerns I hear often is “how can my hair grow faster?”, or“ is there a way my hair can grow thicker?”,….asking myself these questions too.   I remember going through this myself before a few years back, and I’ve noticed it happening slightly again.  So for those who have/are going through a change in their hair, I dedicate this to you.

These temporary changes in our hair can come from many sources: life stressors, hormonal shifts, dramatic weight loss, change in climate/season (or sometimes, any change in our lives).  There is no overnight cure, or even simple cure.  Healthy hair truly comes from within- an inside job, if you would.  But there are a few things we can do or apply to help make the best of our hair and possibly facilitate faster, thicker, and healthier hair to come.

It all begin with a happy, healthy scalp…


A common question I hear is “how many times a week should I shampoo my hair?”.  Truth is, there is no right amount-it really depends on your hair type, lifestyle, etc.  But I do encourage an average of 3x per week. If you are growing your hair, or hair is shedding more then normal, it’s equally as important to keep your scalp clean and breathable as it is to nourish the existing lengths.  Try thinking of washing your hair as ritual: wash away stress, purify thoughts for a new day, stimulate the scalp for a recharge. If your hair is thick and tends to be dry, opt for a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner to keep hair hydrated (try Kérastase Nutri-Thérmique range).


Easy to remember- gold, silver, & bronze (in the packaging) are always winners for vitality in the hair:

Kérastase Specifique Anti-Affinement Treatment Healthy hair always begins with a healthy scalp.  This is one of my personal faves-along with the light cooling effect, it’s loaded with nutrients which really revitalizes the scalp.  Plus if your hair is already fine, it’ll make it look & feel more dense & substantial.

Kérastase Initialiste The best way to describe this is like “super food” or ”eye lash serum” for the hair! Applied from scalp to mid lengths, this is targeted for the fresh hair that’s just grown in giving strength, shine, substance, and suppleness.  Even though Kérastase can’t legally disclose this, I swear it makes hair grow faster!

Kérastase Elixir Ultime, for all hair types– If I had to choose only 1 product to every use on hair, this would be it! Elixir Ultime is a healing oil-apply mid lengths to ends, whether on wet or dry hair, to give moisture & nourishment.  This can also prevent split ends from happening, leaving longer time in between haircuts, resulting longer hair.


Finding a good brush is as important (if not more) than finding a conditioner that detangles for your hair type. Bristles that are bendable & pliable gently work through the hair.  Here are my favorites for both thick & delicate hair textures-both gentle & stimulating for the scalp, effective detangling, can be used on wet or dry hair.

The Wet Brush This was designed for wet hair to detangle…and it’s simply amazing.  It’s excellent for fine hair, highlighted hair, and curly hair- all that tangles easily.  It’s also amazing for brushing out curling iron sets. It’s inexpensive and a must have!

Y.S. Park YS-701 Brush This oval paddle brush is worth every bit of the investment.  The combo of boar & nylon bristles detangles & boosts shine.  The long bristles make it easy to rake through even the thickest strands without pulling the hair.  Great to sculpt curls into glamorous waves or smooth hair into a perfect ponytail.


With significant research (and sniffing literally every essential oil at Whole Foods), I discovered aromas that connected with my senses. I put a drop at the nape hair line, temples, top of head, then massaged & brushed through.   Here were my 3 favorites:

Bergamot Orange Oil This bright scented oil is my “happy” aroma. It’s fresh with a light spiciness to it.  The light warming tingle was perfect and inviting.  Made my thoughts feel revitalized & awake.

Balsam Fir Oil Grounded & healing is how this aroma spoke to me. The light tingle at the scalp was just enough not over stimulating. It seemed to heal and calm my breathing. Wish I’d discovered this when I was a kid, growing up with asthma…

Rosemary Oil Calmness, and said “everything will be ok. If I any inch of aches, this was the aroma that did the trick.  Perfect balance of earthiness, softness, and brightness.  Bliss.

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