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Practical & Playful Pigtails

It’s been a while since we’ve seen pigtails on the scene.  Thinking of last time they were on trend…Carrie Bradshaw, then there’s Jennifer Aniston, who wore them loosely with clear elastics…both, about 10 years ago?

Made me think- what are the benefits of Pigtails, how can they can be worn today, and how could we make them playful, modern & fresh?  Could the symmetry of pigtails create less awkward ponytail creases?  Even better, can we give our hair a treatment at the same time…who doesn’t love a twofer?   Most of all, how can put a sophisticated spin on them?

Challenged & inspired by the idea, and with the help from Detroit based make up artist Ilse Devereaux, here are 3 new applications on the classic pigtail:


This version breaks 2 basic rules of pigtails with asymmetric portions + 2 different braids.  Perfect for the 2nd or 3rd day textured beach wave.  This look can easily be worn with daytime denim or with an evening LBD.

sexy sweet sporty pigtails

  1.  Begin with hair that has been styled with a textured spray to create a beach effect (Kerastase Spray A Porter).  Loosely create a deep side parting, collecting thick amount of hair to one side, and a finer section on the other.  Spray additional texture spray, (Spray A Porter) to help assist in braiding.
  2. On the finer section of hair, create a classic 3 strand braid with normal tension. At the end, hold 1 of the strands taught while sliding the other 2 strands upward to create a “brocade” effect.  Secure with a clear elastic and wrap the long strand around the ends to conceal elastic.  Secure the ends with a bobby pin.
  3. On the thicker section of hair, loosely create a classic 3 strand braid.  Before securing with elastic, blouse out the braid to expand and give a frothy finish.  Spray a flexible hairspray to ensure hold without stiffness(Kerastase Laque Dentelle).

Make up tip:  Add an unexpected pop of color lined along the lower lash & a burnt bronze contour to sculpted cheekbones. 


Just because something is sweet, doesn’t mean it’s juvenile. This pillowed effect on the lengths gives newness to the classic mod look.  Great for a 2nd or 3rd day blow out, or to preserve a fresh blow out without ponytail creases.

sexy sweet sporty pigtails

  1. Begin with hair that’s been blown out with volumizing mousse (Mousse Kerastase Mousse Bouffante).  Amplify additional volume at the roots with volumizng texture spray  (VIP: Volume In Powder).  Set hair with a jumbo curling iron or jumbo hot rollers.  After, lightly back comb around the crown area
  2. Create a perfectly undone center parting and gather hair on each side just above the collarbone.  Secure with a clear elastic or a decorative ribbon (great for preserving a fresh blow out). Use your fingers to backcomb the lengths, spraying with additional texture spray if needed.  Gather hair a couple inches from the bottom of the ends and secure with another elastic or ribbon.  Spray a flexible hairspray to finish (Kerastase Laque Dentelle).

Make up tip:  A nude lip, thin winged liner, and a groomed brow keeps the look sophisticated.


Whether doing sport outside in the summer heat or even hot yoga, the UV protective oil becomes a hot oil treatment, leaving the hair nourished & hydrated.

sexy sweet sporty pigtails

  1. Begin with hair that will be washed within 4-12 hours.  Divide the hair into 3 sections: top, sides & back, and bottom left down.  To each section, apply 4-6 pumps of Kerastase Elixir Ultime Thé Imperial high mid lengths to ends. Brush oil through hair for even distribution.
  2. Create a deep side parting with a tail comb.  Comb (starting at the thicker side) the bangs area toward the side and secure with a clear elastic just directly above the eyebrow.  Follow with top area & crown, spacing elastics about 1-2″ apart.
  3.  Continue to secure all of the hair along the hairline ending at the side of the neck.  With the ends, space out the elastics for a continuous effect.  Do the same for the other side starting just behind the ear and continue throughout the ends.

Make up tip:  Keep skin fresh with a great UV protective CC cream & matte white liner- no mascara!

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