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Sunday Night Ritual

Fresh week. Fresh start. Fresh outlook.

What’s your Sunday night ritual?  I asked a few girlfriends of mine what their Sunday night rituals were to start the week. Aside from watching Game of Thrones or Girls, here were the top 5:

   Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.17.41 PMEasy Reads

Give your eyes a rest from computer or phone screens.  A magazine for the soul, one about something you love or hobby, and one that’ll inspire you for the work week ahead.  Small articles are quick and usually lighter hearted.

imageresize.ashxHair Therapy

Apply a small amount of a reparative hair mask, such as Masque Therapiste onto your hair a few hours before you go to bed (or enough time for the small amount to absorb). Sleep in it, then wash out the next morning.

_9005478Lighten Up

It’s so cliché, but if you invest in a nice one, they really do make a difference! Try indulging in Voluspa’s Goji Tobacco Orange.  It’s citrusy mildly sweet, and if your man is in with you, it’s not too girly! It burns for hours and hours and it will fill up your place quickly.

Magic Lemonade

So we’ve all heard of the Master Cleanse.  Some love it, some don’t buy into it.  Either way, it’s a great way to fill you up without feeling bloated or tired the next morning.  Not saying you have to do 3 days, try just replacing dinner with it.  Stop at Whole Foods for Suji’s Master Cleanse for convenience or if you just want to try and see.

UnknownClarifying Clay

With summer around the corner, we’re already feeling the humidity hit our skin. Vacuum your pores with a clay mask like Aztec Healing Clay to purify skin.  It’s inexpensive and effective, plus it’s so satisfying stretching your facial expressions once the clay dries! Be sure to finish with a hydrating serum or moisturizer.

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