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Big Bang Theory

Typically, the theory for bangs is they’re the best accessory for fall/winter for a couple of reasons: they’re practical when it comes to keeping our heads warm (the hair beanie, if you will), and its’ chicness they add to winter’s sophisticated wardrobe.  Today, I’m in favor in breaking the theory.  Why can’t they be amazing for the summer months?

Q: What if the humidity makes my hair wavy & go frizzy?
A: Embrace your waves.  If they’re cut with texture (not straight across), they’ll give you that “moppy” Alexa Chung meets Stevie Nicks vibe.  If it’s a super humid day, wear the rest of your hair wavy too so wavy bangs look intentional and on purpose. Try a textured beach spray to set in & perfect the waves.

Q: By the end of the day, how can my bangs not get oily from my forehead or sweat?
A: Make friends with dry shampoo. Apply it in the morning at your hairline and into the middle of the bangs.  The oil will go right to the powder versus on your hair, adding hours of perfectly dry bangs.   Also, try wearing the rest of your hair up in a top knot or ponytail to keep your head temperature cooler.

Q: If I can’t stand hair in my face and eyes, how are bangs even possible?
A: Short isn’t the only way to wear bangs.  Longer, draped bangs give a sexier finish and is a perfect way to frame your cheek bones when wearing your hair up & tossed. Even wearing your hair down will give you an Emma Stone or Brigitte Bardot look.

So as for the theory, there is no theory.  If you’re ready for a change but don’t want to commit to chopping lengths off, forget the old theory and bang it up!

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