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We’ve been seeing & wearing textured waves for a while now.   But there’s a new trend that’s hitting main stream… Air dry hair. Finally! For the last year, I’ve loved my hair the most after it’s been air dried over night & slept in. However, there is no 1 product that fits all hair types to get those perfect “model off duty” waves (thank you Gigi & Bella).


Kerastase Densitive Lotion layered under Spray A Porter

HAIR TYPEKerastase Product Duo
Fine, straight hair that doesn’t wave easily

1)Layer both products onto freshly washed hair. Divide hair at the ears from top to bottom.
2)Make a loose bun at the very top of the head, close to forehead (for volume) and another at the nape area (keeping length). Pin in place with a bobby pin or two.


A custom blend of Nectar Thermique + Serum Oléo Relax

Thick, course hair that wavy/curly but expands as it air dries

1)Blend a amount of Nectar Thérmique (about a walnut size) with 1-2 pumps of Serum Oléo Relax until it becomes one product.
2)Rake through the hair, high mid lengths to ends, come through with a Wet Brush to make sure product is even.
3)Twirl large sections of hair away from the face (about 4-5 sections). Allow to air dry a half hour at least before hitting the pillow. Wake up to amazingness.


A custom blend of Curl Fever + Baume Double Je

Fine-Medium that waves unevenly

Brush clean damp hair with a Wet Brush. Emulsify 2 pumps of Curl Fever (1 pump if hair is above shoulder) with 1 edamame pea size ( a little less for shorter hair). Make sure the products blend completely! Squeeze hair with hands letting the product lightly coat the surface. Avoid scrunching the hair upwards, keep the hair at natural fall as your hands gently squeeze each section. Dream away, sleeping beauty, and wake up to slightly matte & chunky separated waves.

“The nicest thing for me is sleep, then I can dream.” – Marilyn Monroe

For instant gratification, find salons near you that carries Kérastase!
Also, alll products available at www.kerastase.com.

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