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True to Size

Is it true the size of a braid can change everything?  It does if you’re wearing it as an accessory.  Braids are a lot like jewelry. The ones making the most impact are the statement & delicate pieces.

Statement Braid

Statement BraidsOne braid does it all.  A classic french braid, a twisted braid coming off the side of one shoulder, a long fishtail taken from hair that’s half up. Statement braids are like a statement necklace, anything else going on around it is too much.  Whether textured or smooth, keep it simple.
Stylist insight: Statement braids are easy & great for last minute, similar throwing on a statement necklace for quick high impact. 

Skinny BraidsDelicate Braid

Go subtle, or layer up.  A solo skinny braid can be as subtle and playful as a thin necklace or minimalist earrings.  Ready to multiply?  Tiny braids randomly throughout your style gives the same effect as all fingers decorated in stacking rings, and the loveliness of Jennifer Meyer-esque multi-layered necklaces.
Stylist Insight: When layering multiple braids, check for balance and consistency with spacing as you would with jewelry.  

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