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Fall Fitness and Wellness Tips

Leaning into a Happy, Healthy Autumn

As fall turns to winter and the weather turns colder, our fitness routines may change from outdoors to inside. Don’t get stuck in last year’s rut of “the hamster wheel” workout (going to the club and running or walking on the treadmill or elliptical as you wait for the minutes to pass as you watch your typical tv show or listen to the same music mix……every day). Re structure and re-charge your routine!

Class in session

yoga, swimming, circuit training or a boot camp. You might be surprised how a new challenge to your body can motivate you!

Play it up

Find music online or fitness magazine sites, they’ll have the most popular tunes that can fire up your workouts. Or check out someone else’s favorite music at Selocial.com.

Night & Day

Different workouts for different times of the day can be incredibly effective.  Walking on your lunch hour  while it’s light outside replenishes your Vitamin D. Then doing yoga in the evening helps wind you down so that you SLEEP better, which can also contribute to better energy levels and overall better health.

Eat it up

Plan out healthy meals over the weekend that you can take with you during the work week. Cooking at home in the cold months can contribute to eating better, plus the amount of winter squashes are endless! check out Cookinglight.com, Selfmagazine.com, and  Wholeliving.com for some new inspiration for healthy & simple recipes.

Shop till you drop

Pounds that is!  Clothing makes you feel good about yourself as you head out for your workout. Good, quality shoes can also be a deal-breaker in how you feel  during your workout. If you have had the same shoes for over 9 months and you use them over 3x a week, it’s time to get a new pair. Your back, knees, ankles and feet will thank you!

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