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Kick the Cowlick

Contrary to what we’ve heard, there are easy ways to take charge over your cowlicks, or simply work with them- no matter where they are in your hair.
Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.36.32 PMEither worn down or swept over to the side, having a heavy fringe will help weigh down well over the cowlick which then if it pops up it’s completely concealed.  Ask hairdresser to cut the thickest portion of the bangs directly behind the cowlick (think of the classic triangle bangs, and where the triangle point is at the top of the head), even it it’s slightly asymmetric, you’ll win the battle.   Before blow drying, apply a hazelnut size of Kerastase’s Forme Fatale to the root area, and blow dry with tension, pointing the nozzle downward in the direction you want the hair to fall too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.39.50 PMThink Blake Lively, and her always side parted hair with long layers.  This style is perfect for any cowlick, anywhere on the head.  it’s looseness in texture is forgiving to any accidental front or back partings from cowlicks + the shoulder blade back length helps weigh it down from getting to out of hand.

Styling Tip: Use a blow dry cream, such as Kerastase‘s Creme de la Creme to blow dry and style to control root area while natural movement throughout the lengths.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.36.25 PMWho does it better than Olivia Palermo?  Keeping hair at one length will maintain the heaviness at the bottom that the hair needs to stomp on any crown cowlicks.  The finer the hair, the more tension is needed wile blow drying.   Use a hazelnut size of Kerastase’s Forme Fatale to the crown area and massage it into the hair that the cowlicks are most effected, then use a small metal round brush is great to grip the hair while blow drying without sacrificing soft volume.

Styling Tip: To control 2nd day cowlicks, mist a texture spray, like Kerastase’s Spray A Porter to give fresh grip to the section (which can get oily over night) and reblow dry cowlick back into place.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 7.36.06 PMLets face it, there are days where the cowlick will just laugh at us and take over! For those days, just go with it and slick hair into a barrette, ballerina bun, or a textured braid to make the best of it.  If you’re opting for slick, try a laminating hairspray, or Kerastase’s Laque Noire to take charge with great hold.  If you’re looking for a textured look, spray a ton of Kerastase’s VIP: Volume in Powder as a base to amp up the volume all over to blend in the cowlicks.


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