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Senses Of Style

We have some exciting news- beautyindustry.us is transitioning into SensesOfStyle.com as we speak (or type, if you would)!  You may have already noticed the headings have began some of the transitions, but would love to share with you a bit of the new direction!

As beautyindustry.us has been very successful, we wanted to expand our content & our audiences as we’ve been playing around with blogs & articles related to fashion, foodies, art, personal style, all things that are beautiful & style driven.   We will be keeping some of our favorite blog posts during the transition, and here’s what is also to come:

Visual Vibes

Anything and everything that is visually exciting & beautiful.  Can be anything from a piece of art, beautiful make up, table presentation, or maybe even just a perspective of how one views the world.  Anything that is meant to catch the eye…

In Touch

Textured hair, tweed in the fall, the sun hitting our skin in the summer, all that are a given… but to be felt is so much more than physical sensors- it’s the impact of how we interact with one another.  Our goal is to expand on everything that physically & emotionally touches us.

Aroma Addicts

Everything from perfume, our favorite dry shampoo,  waking up to the smell of coffee, to the salty air at the beach. Aromatics are one of the biggest ways that literally can transcend someone (even back in time) in a matter of seconds!

Matter of Taste

Mmm… for anything that has your tastebuds dancing! And yet.. could someone’s wardrobe say something about their personal “taste”, or what “taste’ in music do they like?  Or a first experience, as in getting a taste of something?! We’re opening up the world of taste to what someone favor rather than only flavor!


Ok, hear this out! We all love music of some kind, we love waking up to birds in spring, some of us even love the downpour of a thunderstorm.  But we also love conversations (nice ones!), advice from friends & family (most of the time!),  because the biggest part of the school of life is how we listen…  the greatest way to grow, learn, and become our better selves.

We are so excited to begin this evolution into senses of style!  Looking forward to new beginnings & new experiences, and most of all- elevating personal style through our senses!

-Nina Dimachki


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