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What Makes Sense For A Move?

3 weeks ago, my husband and I moved out of our apartment and into a new town home- and that same week I switched over from beautyindustry.us to SenseOfStyle.Com (why do these at separate times- ‘cos that would be too easy!)

It’s automatic- new space, new vibes, new surge of energy. So if you are ready to relocate yourself- whether it’s your home, your work, your digital space, here are some ways to make the transition fun, easier, and even a bit practical.

Balancing Act

Since we are now focusing on our senses on the new site- start right away with sounds  & aromatics.  Open the windows-do you hear birds singing or the city buzzing?  When I lived in NYC, I needed my studio apartment to be calm and soothing to help balance the outside noise.  But now that when opening my door wall, the sounds of nature can be so incredibly soothing, almost energy zapping,  that I need some zesty, brightening aromatics.

Try avoiding anything overly spicy or heavy, it can seem like extra clutter in the air.  Opt for a fresh water or linen inspired candle- it leaves the air smelling clean, avoiding a dusty essence that the grande city life can provide on its’ own!

Anything with a splash of citrus is like instant energy & motivation! Grapefruit or lemon especially are invigorating as well as known to let out serotonin which helps if you tend to get lonely or bogged down easily.  Avoid anything too calming- unless  a 2 hour nap is on your agenda!

Sift & Shift

Going through old clothes, previous articles you’ve written, papers you’ve saved for years, can be one of the most draining tasks during a move.  If you have the opportunity to do it before moving, even better.  But sometimes we aren’t sure if you want to get rid of something until you’ve relocated into your new space.   Like that statement chair that you you’d NEVER get rid of…when you were 23 years old and knew how awesome it was!

If you have beauty or cleaning product that’s expired, or content in the digital world that’s old or products mentioned that are phased out- get rid of it! It’s just more clutter and space being taken up that’s not going to be of much use anymore.  Purging of these is a must-do BEFORE any move!

Ok, so we still love that chair and still just cannot part with it.  Or that article you wrote was so good but it just needs a little tweaking to make it work for the new space- then do just that! Sometimes art on a new wall, a new placement of furniture, a few word changes, even reorganizing your closet in a different way can give your treasured items a whole new look & feel.


Two things that can change a home or site’s vibe instantly- PAINT!   The tricky part sometimes is to find the right color.  My husband and I have different taste in esthetics: in our dream homes, he’s Ralph Lauren meets Arhaus (warm and traditional) and I’m RH Modern  meets European Baroque (an eclectic mashup, if you would).  So in the new space I was so ready for clean, simple lines, and he was all about the warmth.  The compromise… a light neutral brown as an accent wall (Joanna Gaines, Soft Landing).  Originally I asked for black or a deep charcoal (still neutral… right?!).  He won.

Slide3But I’m learning to love it.  With the rest of the walls white, wooden tables, soft white leather sectional on the way with accents around the room of heather, charcoal,  and marble, surprisingly I’m not minding the “harvest brown” on the wall. So be open.  Sometimes the hubby IS right!  And for those moments, it’s not only a second pair of eyes that’s needed, but it was our own eyes that was able to be inspired by something that we normally wouldn’t gravitate towards.

If you are doing any sort of shift or move in space in your life, remember this:  Trust your senses, be sensible, and most importantly, do things that make sense for YOU!


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