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Memorial Weekend Musts

The long weekend has arrived!  Here’s Senses Of Style’s essentials for having fun, doing good service, and a little self indulgence.

Beach BeautyFOLLOW YOUR NOSE to the beach! If you close your eyes and take a deep breathe, wearing Beach by Bobby Brown will literally transport you to walking on the sand, feet the salt water, while wearing a coconut-y sunblock.   I tried this on the other day and was literally walking around the shops for a half hour sniffing my wrist because I was SHOCKED how much it was spot on!

FEEL THE SALT in your hair.  Mist Spray A Porter all over hair and get that perfect beach-y vibe with out drying out your hair.  The fresh fragrance is MUCH more inviting than fishy saltwater-so load it up, air dry, and be done with your hair for 3 days!

FLASH YOUR CHEEKS with Lorac’s Tantalizer duo powder.  Bronze or highlight your cheek bones & get your early summer glow to an early start.  Both tones are pretty much perfect for any skin tone, or any amount of fairness & tan level.

Watermelon JulepGET TASTY BUDS and cool off with a Watermelon Julep.  And it’s super easy!
-(2 parts)  muddled  watermelon + mint leaves + sugar
-(1 part) mix in as much Bourbon as desired
Mocking it?  Replace Bourbon with Vernors Ginger Ale (yes- Vernors is necessary!) 
-Pour over crushed ice
-Fancy finish with a thin slice of watermelon + mint sprig garnish

Flag on UniformGET IN TOUCH with a veteran.  After all, Memorial Day  is all really about honoring the service men who have lost their lives in battle.  Call someone you know who’s served the country and thank them for their service.  You’d be surprised how much this gets looked over,  and how meaningful it is to them that you took the time to call.


Wishing you all a safe, happy, and memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

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