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Raising the Bar Cart

One of the biggest trends in interior furniture, especially small spaces is the bar cart.  Vintage to contemporary, art deco to modern, they’re is a style that’s right for not only every esthetic, but practically every room in your living space.  Here are 5 ways how to use the bar cart… besides a bar… nor the kitchen or dining room!



bar cart bed side table

Be clever &make use of bed side space.  Perfect place to store books, display frames, add a lamp, or set alarm.  When looking for the perfect cart, be sure to check the height making sure it isn’t too high while your laying down on your bed.  Also, better to check major retailers if you are shopping for both sides of the bed.  Going vintage for this may be a challenge to find two that compliment each other in style & size.




bar cart tv stand

This couldn’t get any cooler for the small bachelor pad, or even a guest bedroom as a tv stand.  Keep the design of the cart sleek & simple so it’s not distracting from the picture on the screen.  Be sure the outer rim isn’t too high up from the stand, especially if you use Apple TV and need remote access. Plus it makes it much easier to dust, since entertainment stands seem to collect dust faster than anything in the home!


bar cart jewelry display

Could this be anymore chic to display your costume jewelry? Or somewhere to put your daily jewelry on?  By having an open display, you’ll be more apt not only to reach for your accessories, but mix & match, try combinations you may have not seen before while hidden in a drawer.  Try even displaying them by vibe of the jewelry rather than what the jewelry is itself, i.e. bohemian vibe, mixed metals, delicate pieces, wham bam glam…


bar cart desk

This idea inspired this entire story for me.  My biggest annoyance was that my desk is always so cluttered, that I needed a space to put my home office essentials to keep the actual desk neat! Great for printer, paper, small needed but not always used essentials like tape or stapler.  When looking for a cart, multiple tiers are great, as long as it’s deep enough to fit a printer or stack papers vertically.


bar cart vanity

Perfectly displayed perfumes, fancy cotton ball container, make up at arms reach for the morning or quick touch up after work… screaming ‘oh you fancy, huh?’  The great thing about having all this on a cart is that it’s much less clunky that an actual vanity, and it’s mobile so it can be put in a corner when not in use.  As you shop for a cart, keep the design oval and feminine.  If you find one that the base is a mirror-even better!


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