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Never too old to play, Princess.

Who says we are ever to old to play dress up? Or still believe you just may be a Princess after all?  Yea, it’s a little strange if you openly admit it, so play in ways that are simple & subtle with make up, cooking, decorating, or whatever it is that takes you back to being a girl . Here are 6 Disney lovelies that were are still my influencers.

Enjoy Princesses!


Snow White… flawless, fairest, and fearless beauty.

Wearing perfume that emulates the Enchanted Forest (Verde, Nest $72),  the fairest one of all keeps her skin protected with high SPF (Tinted Matte SPF 5o, Skinceuticals $34), and her dark hair color in perfect condition with haircare full of antioxidants (Chroma Riche Shampoo & Masque duo, Kerastase $104).  And how can we forget about that bite into the apple that stained her lips perfectly red (Sheer Candy Apple Red Lip Mask, Bite Beauty $26).   Speaking of Apple.. well, is there any other type of device she would carry?


Pocahontas… natural, native, and noble beauty.

This native beauty keeps her regimen as natural as possible with her hair  (Aura Botanica, Kerastase, $43-45) & skin care (Aztec Secret Clay Mask, $11).  She listens to Jamiroquai as she applies her make up, which is earth tones on the eyes (Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, Too Faced $49) and chiseling bronzer to sculpt her cheekbones (Casino, NARS $40).  On her days off, she warms up with spicy Mexican style street corn.  Her design style is fashion meets function, as her native woven throw blanket is just as much a piece of art in her home.


Merida… bold, bright, and brave beauty.

This Scottish soul has no problem making a statement with bourbon perfume (Nirvana Bourbon, Elizabeth and James $85), illuminated skin (NYX Liquid Illuminator, $8), and the perfect  mauve cheeks (The Multiple Dusty Rose, NARS, $39).  Whether she wears he hair straight or curly, it’s never effected by the U.K rainy humidity (Discipline Masque, Kerastase, $65).  Her Sunday stew is a melange of the freshest of seafood & earthy vegetables, and is enjoyed as she snuggles with her tartan lambswool blanket (Baird Tartan Blanket, $100/80 GBP).  And her music of choice while making Sunday stew?  Fellow Scots Belle and Sebastian.



Ariel… clean, fresh, and carefree beauty.

No one says summer is around the corner more than this beach beauty with her dewy skin (Hyaluronic Marine Dr. Dennis Gross, $58), glow-y eyelids (Rainforest of the Sea, Tarte, $36), & rosy cheeks (Hot Sand Multiple Stick, NARS, $39).   Her perfume is aromatic with traces of salty sea, mandarin, and even a bit of suntan lotion (Beach, Bobbi Brown $76). Along with her go to salty hair texturizer (Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, Aquage $22), she keeps her hair healthy & hydrated (Sea Mineral Moisture Serum, Organix $4).  Lets assume she’s half fish herself, so what says vegetarian better than a cucumber seaweed salad drizzled with sweet & spicy chili dressing & cilantro.


Jasmine… exotic, captivating, alluring.

This Middle Eastern delight entices others with her soft oud perfume (Velvet Rose & Oud, Jo Malone $120) or fresh fig body wash (Fresh Fig, Laura Mercier $40).  Her desirable almond eyes are enhanced with rich black liner (Kajal Liner, Revlon $9) & a shimmery inner water lid (24/7 Glide-on-liner, Urban Decay $20) while keeping her lips a neutral rose color (Fig, Amuse Bouche, Bite Beauty $26).  Her home is decorated with polished oriental lanterns & pouf ottomans.  Her afternoon ritual is to have Turkish cardamom coffee with fresh baklava or apricot jam shortbreads.


Cinderella… elegant, enchanting, and charming beauty.

When this radiant beauty walks in to a room with her glass-like heals she sparkles like a glass of Veuve Cliquot Rosé Champagne. Inspired from her humble beginnings, she uses charcoal (Origins, $26) to keep her pours clean and pumpkin (Eminence, $46) to peel back time. Even her fragrance emulates fresh laundered linens (CLEAN Perfume, $40).   When she’s ready for a night out, her glow continues as she wears a nude finish highlighter (Nude Highlighter, Dior $56) on her cheeks, upper lip line, and décolletage.


Belle… romantic, simplistic, and delicate beauty.

Belle’ of the ball is the exquisite representation of French country.  She loves the intoxicating aroma of red roses, in both her body oil Red Roses Bath Oil, Jo Malone $25) & perfume.  She isn’t one to fuss with her appearance, so a simple hairspray is perfect for her lifestyle (Elnette, L’Oreal $15).  She reads up on where the best places in Paris are to dine, shop, or sight see (Bright Lights Paris, $15).  But when she’s home, she is the hostess with the hostess, serving tea & shortbreads around the candelabra (Wayfair.com)

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