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Spring on the #HairVibes

Springtime: The season to refresh, renew, and renovate.   When we update our wardrobe for spring, most likely we have quite a few pieces we can work with from the colder months.

Well, the same goes for hair.

Changing your hair for the season doesn’t have to be this dramatic thing.  Especially if you genuinely love your color or haircut.  So here are a few ways to make a seasonal update that will give new life to what you may already love about your hair, and perk up your hair vibes like an iced double shot macchiato.

babylightsBabylights are the best for subtly breaking up solid color.  What I love most about these is that you can go extreme with the level difference (Level: amount of light & dark on a hairdressers scale) or it can be extremely subtle.  Either way it’s gorgeous, inspired by that little girl who’s been playing out in the sun all summer, and the highlight lines are so fine that the grow out is beautiful.

the cool downThe Cool Down is the ‘chill vibe’ of hair color.  This tree barked tone will stomp on any unwanted brassy or warm tones that your hair may have faded to during the winter months.  Even if it turns a little grayish or ashy- embrace it, ‘cos it’s ultimate cool girl hair color (pun intended!).

long, short hairLong, Short Hair is perfect for someone who wants their short hair to feel feel long, just as much as the woman with medium length hair wants a short cut.  Air dried, blown out, diffused, anything works.  This takes minimal effort for great impact, not to mention everything from Tom Boy to over super girly.  Did I mention this shape is everything that Spring/Summer stands for?

swept colourSwept Colour, ‘cos that’s what balayage means- to sweep.  For those reluctant to trying any ombre because it has roots-  get over it & embrace it! It much better to start  with a soft, diffused root than looking perfect for a week but with a hard line for the 5+ weeks after.  Promise, you won’t look ‘unkept’, but yet modern.

shag nowShag Now or shag later?  for sure now!  Perfect for those who have been sporting the ‘lob’ for a while, or need some edginess put into their hair without sacrificing any length.  If anything it will make your lengths look longer.  It’s also excellent for taking off a lot of dry hair at the ends (but no one needs to know that, you’re doing it for the sake of fashion, right?

leveled bobThe Leveled Bob instantly transforms your hair into Parisian chic.  Time to take off the front angle. We’ve been doing it for years, and this shape is one that in 20 years from now you’ll look at photos and say “damn, I look gooooood!”  There’s something that’s a combo of the 1920’s & 90’s, which at this point means timeless.  It’s the perfect accessory paired with ballet flats, skinny jeans, and blazer over your favorite t-shirt.

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  1. Trudi E Daniels

    We all know how a fresh cut n color make our week better! Not everyone can be as lucky as Nina’s clients who styles us seemingly by interpreting our hair energy needs. A rare talent.


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