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The Uprise of the Upstyle

With wedding season, school formals, and spring outings coming into full swing, use your hair as your statement accessory piece with an unexpected yet beautiful, finished look.


Twist on the Twist

Leaving out the lengths of hair offers perfect balance of sophistication and casual edge on a classic French Twist.


Sip on the Bubbly

Bubble with baubles for a sporty or ‘carbonated’ finish to your ponytail.

Sleek Updos

Perfect for the fierce or a bit rebellious.  Try with a long sleek ponytail or create blades of hair with your top knot.

A Pinned Interest

Jet black, stark white, or metallic pins placed decoratively are sometimes the only accessory needed.

Structured Wave Sculpture

Create strong impact with a statuesque finish by lacquering ironed waves into place.






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