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Month of MAY: Skin Cancer + Mental Health Awareness

Since it’s still May, the month both dedicated to both mental health & skin cancer awareness, I wanted to open up on being affected and having to address both mental & skin health properly.

Everyone has their own journey or may know of someone who’s on a journey with their emotions.   What’s mine I’m facing? Postpartum + anxiety.   Anxiety is something I’ve dealt with all my life but to top it off with postpartum takes it to another level. My outbursts of anxiousness have certainly mostly come to a halt after Arabella, but pent up emotions are not healthy either. When you have the most amazing gifts of all, a healthy baby, a loving husband, and supportive family, amazing career, what more do you need?   All of that sometimes doesn’t matter in your mind because it’s the root inside you can truly know what makes you happy.   Yes, there is working out, going to counseling, spring cleaning, detoxing negative people out of your life, eating healthy, an anti-depressant if needed, all wonderful things to help with our moods… but just know that if you are suffering (that’s too strong of a word)- maybe its just feeling a little down now and then or more than usual, just know that you are not alone and it’s amazing how many people around you are actually going through perhaps a similar thing.   At the end of the day, you have to find what works for you, and trust your instincts on which treatment works best. Even just acknowledging it can lead to its freedom…

Summer is around the corner, and there is nothing lovelier than getting a warm hug from le soleil… even with all the goodness of the Vitamin D, too much of a good thing can be mutilating.. truly… to your skin. I’m in the middle of treating my 2nd spot of basal cell carcinoma, which isn’t life threatening, but non-reversing of the skin. The first time I had it required MOHS surgery, which is when the cut out a large section, around the effected area to make sure the area is clear. A 3” scar later… This time I opted for a topical chemotherapy (wish I knew that existed the first time), in hopes it will take care of the basal cell carcinoma this time.   As a 90’s tan-a-holic, tanning beds & straight Maui Babe bronzing oil with no sunscreen, the vanity wasn’t worth… but that’s sometimes part of life’s journey, right?

Now that May is coming to a close, let us all promise to take good care of ourselves, both inside and out, souls and skin.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy summer to come.



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