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Barette Baroness

As an adult, looking for a hair accessory can be a challenge – not to look juvenile, look dated, or something that looks like thought was put into your hair.   Save yourself the stress of searching and go for the simple, casual, always sophisticated, slim barrette.

Keep cool during the summer & get creative how you place the barrette, or keep it traditional at the back or the base of the neck.

_10774625.jpg “Mother of Pearl”  
Gorgeous light & neutral tones work perfect with every hair color.   France Luxe, $18, at Nordstrom

la ta da 8
“Simple Metal” 
Sleek, simple, accessible, economical, minimal…  What more is there to say about this great find! LaTaDa, $8, at Target 


“Rosé All Day”
Rose gold goes perfect with nearly every hair color and skin tone.  Pretty vibes for laid back hair days.  J. Crew, $10

l. ericksom 52

“The Lime Light”
Sure this leather goodness is a luxe splurge, but its a great for just enough splash of color,  and great to (someday) give your daughter, or to have in your hair treasure arsenal for years.   L. Erickson, $52, at Nordstrom

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