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Fashion Month, Spring/Summer ’18 RECAP!

5+ years working backstage at NYFW with near & dear industry friends, the adrenaline of getting first looks ready, lugging around my 60 lb. suitcase & hauling for taxis from show to show all have a special place in my heart.

For 2 years now I’ve been watching collections extra closely as they release online. This past season I committed to sifting through every collection (via vogue.com) from all FashionMonth cities: NYC, London, Milan, and Paris.

After dragging photos from 100’s of brands, sorting through to gather common threads (pun not originally intended), narrowing the 26 folders down to 12, then categorize… Frankly, at this point I didn’t even notice brands or designers, just designs, vibes, and what could be inspiring to anyone and everyone.



…and commanding a presence for the season…



Theeeee color of the season- nearly every collection had some splash or major saturation of this richly toned, not-so-mellow yellow. Don’t let this color trick you into thinking it’s hard to pull off- from dark olive skin tones to the creamiest of fair, I challenge you to throw in a splash of this gorgeous weed flower in your life!

And eff-it, while you’re at it collect some from outside and put them into a mason jar and stick it on your window sill (despite what your 4th grade teacher said when you lovingly collected them for her at recess. Xx)

My Name Is Sash-a


That’s right, you heard her. And what a great nod to the 90’s bringing attention back to the hips.   Not gonna lie.. kind of dreading denim going back on the hips, still obsessed with a hight waist.  I digress.. how great are these ensembles?! I suppose make the knot anywhere you want to draw attention to, from the low waist to the hip bones.  You’ll notice farther down too in the clothing & gowns that there’s much more hip action to come!


…functional, accessible, and workable toward your capsule closet…

White Coat Ceremony


So chic, so fresh, so easy to wear with anything. As white can be enlarging, and great tailoring is vital. Even more importantly, a great dry cleaner! Overall a white coat is an excellent piece to have forever, worth it if you find one you love.

Denim Suits You


Light or dark.  Matching or not. Baggy to tailored. Ripped or stiff… les Canadiennes always did it and the rest of the world is finally catching on.  I’m obsessed with this because there is something with this that can suit anyone.  It’s beyondpractical because every has should have a favorite pair of jeans & a chambray top or denim jacket they already own.  Great look to play around, with both Stan Smiths or a knock out pump!

Fruit Stripes


Immediately all I could think of what the gum jingle of the 80’s (…yikes, stripes, fruit stripes gum!), and speaking of the 80’s, wasn’t this multicolored striped pattern was seen everywhere? Sun suites (shoulder ties, please), dresses, palazzo pants, and now it’s clearly made it’s return.  Rainbows are timeless, so make sure the size, direction, and color of stripes are all ones you love.

Attached at the Hip


As written earlier, lots of emphasis at the hips- including where the ‘it’ bag should rest.  Beyond chic is the belted sac, and as Ms. Poppins would say,  practical-ly perfect in every way.  Just please promise to have the glorified fanny pack coordinate with your ensemble🤞🏻, and not just for the sake of being a practical as a wind breaker suit (unless of course your name is Patricia Field).




….a litte fashion escapism is necessary…

Roar like You’re 20


Art Deco.  Early women of tennis.  Dropped hip accentuation.  Pleats.  All great attributes from the 1920’s.   With a strong return of pearls & fishnets (seen a ton under ripped denim) this year,  I have a feeling we’ve just scratched the surface and will see a large return influence from the decadent decade as we approach 2020.   Just a gut feeling I suppose, and I couldn’t be happier if it comes true!

Fab on the Farm


Farm to fork, barn weddings, reclaimed anything… it was just a matter of time that the stables would make their way from farm to runway.   Well, now there really is no excuse to look frumpy out in the county in the middle of no where.  Saddle up urban cowgirls, we may be riding this one for while.


…and to all a fabulous night…

Ball Game Is On


Divine intervention from the ball gown heavens! And nothing says regal more than when someone has to actually walk around you and your gown.  Modest to sexy, mature to youthful, there is something for every age & ever body type.  Can we please take note of the underneath peek-a-boo trouser (bottom right)?! Too good, my heart continues to sing with the return of a proper ball gown.

Tea with Milk


In tea, there is a clarity that isn’t found in coffee, even with a splash of milk.  That is exactly what I found with these beautiful beige with a hit of rose gold shades.  Being feminine and soft for any skin type,  have fun exploring the color and introduce it to your evening wear.  Simply perfection.

Ladies of a Feather


….fly together, so let’s take flight.  As subtle as on the back of your heels or as loud as covered on a cloak, feathers are freedom.  They are spring and summer is all about, so why shouldn’t we be flying with the rest of the birds in the great skies.

NoteFeathers = volume, placement is everything.

Burst into Tiers


Slimming, elongating, and a modern nod to a vintage vibe.  Layering without feeling overwhelming.   Be daring and try this on in a fitting room, even if it seems so left field for you.  Such a fun, fresh way to wear ruffles & have great movement with every step you take.

Overall, I tried to bring the focus on not only trends, but pieces that are smart & excellent to live in for years to come.

In the mean time, happy fall/winter!




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