Heightening style. Igniting senses.

The Scoop

Personal style is a collective of our appearance, our “modi operandi”, and everything & every way we communicate to the world!

SensesOfStyle.com is an online platform featuring industry leaders sharing their love for personal style, beauty, and fashion related topics- each elevated though our senses.

Think about your some of your favorite memories, best vacations, date nights… or even your morning ritual…   the fragrance you wore, the flavors of cuisine, the music playing, what you were wearing… Whether or not we are conscious of it, each of our senses has an emotional impact on how we connect with our personal style.


ND, “To this day, I love it when a perfume stops me in my tracks, or when seeing a piece of art that connects with you, discovering new music, a new restaurant, even a great conversation with a friend or client. All of which has had such great impact of my own personal style.  My objective for SensesOfStyle.com is to excite women using their own personal style as inspiration".  


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